A new favourite restaurant

I have to say that generally in my part of the island there are plenty of good restaurants but after a while the meals, whilst excellent, can seem a bit predictable.  (We always seem to order the same particular dishes depending on which restaurant we are in such as swordfish at Prasoudi, squid in Boukari, meatballs at 75 Steps, pepper steaks at Zac’s etc.) This saturday we ventured onto literally our own doorstep, around 200m from our apartments in Moraitika, to a restaurant which opened during the 2012 season but where somehow we never got around to going.
“Lava Grill” is the new project of Makis Kritikos, past owner of the Courti Estate and well known years ago for his superb restaurant set in the gardens of the Courti Manor House. After a long spell in England, Makis has returned home to Corfu and opened a restaurant featuring classic Greek cooking, yet with an imaginative with a twist to make it just a bit more interesting. And it is! Grilled mushrooms, aubergine baked with mince and cheese, tender chargrilled calf’s liver with a side of bacon and onions, and a wonderful seafood spaghetti. Next week we’ll go an try something else, maybe piri piri chicken, prawns or stifado en croute, who knows?

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