Cataracts on Sunday

Welcome to sunny Corfu! As well as never ending economic gloom, it seems we now have to put up with never ending gloomy weather – a far cry from the days in late October and November when we were smugly talking about ‘sitting having lunch in the sun by the sea’.

Today being Sunday, we had planned to go out for lunch and we were not going to let the weather stop us. When we left home (south) the rain was fairly nasty, but by the time we started to go north of Corfu Town it was TORRENTIAL! As we headed up the coast it got progesssively worse until, as we reached Spartillas we were actually in the clouds/fog and driving through what seemed to be a roaring river. The photo above, if you can make sense of it, is the torrent pouring in cataracts from the road on one of the hairpin bends and there were similar ones on each bend. We reached higher up the mountain and in Strinilas had the usual wonderful Sunday lunch at Oasis. By the ime we left the rain was even more spectacular and had reached us in the south.

Much of our journey home along the south coast was spent driving through water that could have been sea or could have been rain water – impossible to see which piece was the road. We also encountered several cars which had given up the ghost in the face of water which reached up to the doors – making me appreciate our sturdy Fiat Panda 4×4 even more.

I also heard two classic comments today. Firstly ‘I expect this reminds you of England’ – well, no it doesn’t. I always think of England with semi-permanent drizzle, not monsoons. And secondly ‘We need the water’. No, I think we have had enough now thank you!

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