Christmas Is Coming

Last weekend we went for lunch in Petriti, sat by the sea and got too hot in the sun. This weekend, in the rain, we took delivery of Christmas stock for our shop, Corfu Homestore (formerly English Imports). For the first time in ages I wore my ‘shop’ hat and even though we have unpacked stock for the shop every year for the last 14 years, unpacking christmas bits and pieces is still as much fun as ever!

It took 47 boxes and 7 hours but eventually it was all done and we do actually look like Christmas is coming – no actual decorations up yet, I think 1st December is soon enough for that – but loads of cards, wrapping paper, calendars, gifts, mince pies, icing, marzipan, christmas puds – all the usual goodies. For some reason some boxes of carrot cake slices sneaked into the food order, so of course we had to open one to check they were OK – and yes, they were very nice!

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