Credit Crunch – Difficult Times

The topic of the moment is how to save money in today’s economic climate, with articles in newspapers and magazines everywhere giving hints and tips on household economies. Trouble is, I’m already doing all of it! No one has any suggestions for someone who already cuts the toothpaste tube in half to get to the last of the contents, and has shopped at charity shops for years. I always use half a tablet in the mozzy machine, clean the windows with newspaper, cut out zips and buttons from old clothes before recycling them to the dog’s bed, or using them as dusters. We put on an extra sweater rather than turn up the heating, and always dry the clothes in the fresh air. My cellar is full to the brim of suitcases and boxes stuffed with clothes that might one day come back into fashion and, yes, they do! My today’s ensemble consisted of a raincoat bought shortly before we got married, a mere 32 years ago – and it was admired!

My grand-daughter is about to inherit all my original Winnie-the-Pooh books, plus a wonderful Edmund Dulac Fairy Story tome inscribed with my father’s name and the date 1922. This one has travelled from his native Australia, via New Zealand, England and Athens to Corfu.

I have extracted an enormous amount of pleasure from these economies – especially the shopping at Oxfam, Help-the-Aged, etc, but I admit to being a little bit concerned about my sanity when instead of being horrified for the gypsies who earn a living by scavenging from the city tips, I found myself thinking …..mmm, that might be fun!

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