Dogs And Builders Just Don't Mix

We are building houses in St. Georges and we have two teams of builders working. Our own house has been leaking like a sieve for the past few years but the time is never right to take off the roof to replace it. This year – after the earlier hail and rainstorms – we decided we could not last another winter without a new roof.

Logically we should take one of the building teams to do our house, but for some inexplicable reason my husband employed a third team – “well recommended” – so that we did not delay the building in St. Georges. Good plan.

On the prescribed day (after daughter went back to London and before son arrived from London) the team arrived. One man and his wife. Now we have at least three, sometimes four or five, and we still have the first builder and his wife.

Our dog Scruff is used to having his own dog-proofed garden which has been made escape-proof because he is prone to chase cars and chickens. First rule to builders – don’t let the dog out! First action of builders – they left the back fence totally open and off he went. Finally cornered him before he hit the road with the car and dire threats! New plan; dog is either indoors in his (my) armchair or tied up in the front garden, then when I come home and the builders leave at around 4pm I do a circuit of the garden to close all ways of escape and Scruff runs free. This enables him to root about for any rubbish they have left behind (yesterday 6 sardine tins, 8 water bottles, carrier bags, coffee cups etc.) and distribute them all over the garden as he enjoys himself running through any wet concrete left behind. Theoretically he is free to run until 7am when they arrive to start the new day.

Except yesterday I closed the garden and went out to show houses at 6.30pm leaving Scruff peacefully wandering. I happened to be showing the house next door to mine to the clients and as we looked around the garden I spotted a brown flash at the top of the next field – Scruff. Asked clients to wait (they were very understanding), jumped in car (thank god for Fiat Panda 4 x 4), bumped over the field, trapped him by a fence where he was making friends with two boxer dogs, dragged him in the car, hurtled back home, tied him up and went back for clients. Great amusement all round.

Later on I checked how he got out. The builders had kindly left pallets piled up by the fence and he had used them to climb up and over. So I spent a happy half hour upending pallets, dragging old sunbeds, bits of wood and general junk to block the exit, and it seemed to work.

This morning,at 7am the builders very carefully took it all down, opening up the gap again, and the guys who delivered the roof tiles and wood dropped them over the fence – only they didn’t… they dropped them on the fence which has now collapsed. So the dog stays either in my chair or tied up for as long as it takes.

Oh yes, and they just came to move the solar panels out of the way so I suspect we have a ‘limited’ water supply.
Our villa in Halikouna is empty this week and we have one St. George show house empty and the temptation is to move to one of those but how can I face a total removal, not just for us – son arrives on Sunday for a month – but also for the dog! So anyone who sees me, if I have dust and debris in my hair (a piece of ceiling fell in my coffee as I write this) please be sympathetic!

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