Flight cancelled (again)

My family and I don’t seem to be very lucky with flights this winter. Today my daughter was booked to fly on the morning Olympic flight to Athens with another afternoon flight booked to France. The flights linked up beautifully and she should have been in Marseille in time for an early evening glass of wine. However, the low cloud in Corfu this morning, coupled with very strong winds, meant that the flight was cancelled, and so now she’s got to wait until Sunday for the same French flight. 

In November I very cleverly (I thought) booked my son and I on one of the last cheap Easyjet flights to Gatwick, so that we could return a week later on the last one back to Corfu. This outgoing flight was also cancelled due to the low cloud, and we actually left more than a day late, eating into our week’s break.
One of the disadvantages of Island life! 

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