Greece is back in favour

Good news and bad news from a travel website. (The bad news is in red.)

An online travel agent has seen a major increase in bookings to Greece of over 70% compared with the same period of last year.

Jason Waldron, product and marketing director of Broadway Travel, said significant price drops by hoteliers has sparked renewed interest in the country.

Broadway’s booking patterns show all-inclusive trips are selling particularly well, accounting for 77% of all packages sold from January to March.

Luxury family holiday specialist Boltholes agreed the Greek recovery had been boosted by accommodation-owners willingness to cut prices last year, sometimes by 10% or even more.

But founder Sian Williams said discounting at the higher end of the market had been significantly reduced this year, to less than 5% on some properties, yet the luxury sector was thriving.

She said: “Since January, we’ve seen a massive 242% increase in bookings year on year for the summer season to high-end villas and resorts in Greece and the Greek Islands, which shows that the return in the luxury arena to higher pricing has not deterred UK travellers from booking.”

Williams said the average spend was in excess of £2,150. “It seems that the UK economic uncertainty has also had a positive impact on the luxury sector in Greece, with many families, who have either had to forsake their annual holiday or downgrade over recent years, now willing to pay more to ensure less risk in terms of quality.”

I can’t help but feel that its about time someone found something positive to say about Greece – all the articles I have read recently don’t even mention the word Greece, it seems as if we have almost been wiped off the map. Has something happened? Did the beaches go away? Did all the hotels and villas shut down and we didn’t notice? Did all the flights stop coming? Did the historic sites all close? Did the sun stop shining over Greece? I don’t think so.

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