Happy Christmas

We took a long time to decide on our Christmas Card this year – in fact we took so long it is now virtually a New Year card.

We went through all the ideas of Corfu in the snow, beaches in the snow, Santa fishing off a jetty – you name it, we considered it! In the end we decided the best greeting is the one which shows the Corfu so many of us know; the one you see when you arrive by boat and which makes you give a little sigh of happiness at being ‘home’. A bit sentimental probably, but there you are.

It comes wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Corfuhomefinders and Corfu Premier Property, including Lorraine and Wendy in the Corfuhomestore shop who are often the first contact people have with our company and who rarely get a mention! There are also too many people to mention – lawyers, civil engineers, builders – who support us in helping our clients throughout the year and I know they share our sentiments.

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