How times change

I know we often say this, but this morning being Sunday we thought we would have some breakfast at home and I asked Spiros if he wanted toast, bagel or muffin? With that, is a choice of cream cheese or butter.

Also, last night we had decided to cook on our outside grill, Greek style, but it was so cold that we couldn’t face the thought of standing outside even in front of a warm gas grill, so I decided to put the chicken in the oven and added to it some chinese duck rolls and sticky ribs from the freezer.

Then we started laughing as we discussed how times have changed. When I first came here the bread was fabulous the day it was baked then turned into rock, so to slice it to toast it was a major operation. That is if you even had a toaster. The ‘butter’ – if you could find it to buy – was a lump of yellow, cheesy smelling substance. The grill of course was a ‘real’ one, requiring twigs, charcoal, much attention, no wind and loads of patience. Also I wouldn’t even have dreamed of being able to dive into the freezer for the ‘sticky ribs’ – I would have had to spend hours trying to explain to the butcher what I wanted, re-butcher them when I got home, try to make an approximation of a BBQ sauce, then stand for ages over said ‘real’ grill. Think I prefer it now!

Having said all that, today we went to one of our favourite restaurants in Strinilas for Sunday lunch (on the basis that if the weather stays good, we will soon have to begin working on Sundays to get the villas ready and this might be the last chance this season). The food was as good as ever, but there was an item on the menu which was unfamiliar. We usually have lamb or goat ‘in a pot’ sort of pot roasted, but also on the menu today was ‘zig something’ – I didn’t get the word – and when I asked what it was my husband said ‘lamb, only older and bigger’, which conjured up a very strange picture. Last time they also had ‘patsa podi’ loosely translated as ‘foot stew’. I hope those places never change!

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