Just a short trip back to the UK…

Last week we did a quick trip back to London to see the kids. Actually we saw them for a short space of time, just to be given the list of ‘work that needs doing’ including shower hoses, bulbs, loo seats, heating timer, window cleaning, boiler servicing, fill the fridge with food – all the things you would consider normal to do on a short holiday! After that they disappeared, one to New York, the other one to uni/work only to re-appear at intervals to see what there was to eat.

However in between the chores, we did fit in a variety of things On our first day we went to the local ‘Broadway Market’ to check out the wonderful food stalls. As we crossed the park we were given a leaflet for a ‘ballet with a bulldozer’ which was so intriguing we waited to see what it could be. And it really was, a shiny yellow bulldozer in graceful movement with members of a French ballet company. Incredible.

Couldn’t resist looking in the estate agents windows locally to see how much the value of our flat has dropped – but there doesn’t seem to be any difference in price from last year – maybe it is just that no one is buying at the moment.

Next day a walk along the South Bank of the Thames, past the London Eye and Tate Modern, to have a look at the second hand book and print stalls – relieved by lunch in a riverside pub where you can sit outside and, if you feel cold, there is a pile of blankets and you are invited to wrap yourself up warm whilst you look at the view.

Two days of chores, then a trip up to visit family in Suffolk, staying in the wonderful Brudenell Hotel on Aldeburgh beach, where you sit in the warm while fishermen apparently enjoy themselves sitting in driving rain and gale force winds waiting to catch small fish on a line which they then throw back. We did a quick bit of driving around to see how much the villages had changed since my ‘growing up’ days and as we were driving along a large pheasant appeared from nowhere, swooped on the car, collided with the windscreen and veered off.

Later on we went through Aldeburgh cemetery and saw squirrels and rabbits playing hide and seek amongst the grave stones. Obviously we had to check out the property market and found that Aldeburgh still has prices on a par with Kensington and Chelsea – so much for the ‘credit crunch’.

Returned to London and spent Saturday at the antiques market in Portobello Road (realising again that some of the super trendy ‘interiors’ shops carried some of the same stock as we do in the Corfu Homestore but at vastly different prices!) and then wandered through Hyde Park, stopping for pumpkin soup at the Lido restaurant on the lake. The minute the food arrived a battle ensued between us and the local sparrows (I think) as to who would have the most lunch – they literally hop on the plate whilst you are eating and will not be deterred!

More chores, a bit of shopping and an easy Easyjet flight back to Corfu and home, reflecting whilse sitting on the flight on the variety of things you can do in one week in England. Very nice for a short visit but wouldn’t like to live there again I don’t think.

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