Leaving On A Jet Plane

Easyjet and Aegean are doing well from the Corfuhomefinders team over the next couple of days.

Susan is sending her youngest back to Uni before setting off to Athens herself for a weekend away.

Di’s son returns to Uni and work in London, and my daughter goes off to pastures new in the South West of England.

Loraine’s daughter returns to Corfu for her half term break from school in Scotland. And then Helga is off to Holland to visit her family.

Then we have to get them all back again for Christmas (apart from my son who is going in the opposite direction). We are all waiting to hear about the possibility of a direct Christmas flight, but in the meantime will be scanning the websites for the best deal from whichever area of Britain they are starting from.

Once we’ve sorted out our younger generation and Helga has returned, then it’s our turn for holidays – our reward for the often 7 day week during the summer.

See you at the airport!

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