More Doggy Tales

Some time ago I wrote on the blog about the accident that resulted in the arrival of a second dog into our family. According to my husband it wasn’t just a case of me running the dog over. Apparently the dog was lying in wait for me, and with polished precision leapt in front of the car and triple somersaulted out of the way of the wheels and then lay in the middle of the road acting its heart out to resemble a mortally wounded creature in need of rescuing. Yeah, yeah, I said – at the time. However, there is now a second installment that makes me wonder…

Yesterday morning I got bored waiting for the two dogs to finish eating grass 20 yards up the road from our house, expecting them to follow me home. They didn’t, and this morning, more than 24 hours later, they were both still missing. Driving, with Sarah, to our first appointment of the morning we found senior dog heading for home but no sign of the second one. Ten minutes later we met our first client and followed his car to the house he is trying to sell – up a back street in a nearby village. He pointed me into a parking space on the side of the road and as I opened the car door a small woolly head appeared and – yes, you guessed it – there was dog number two. If we had been two magnets we could not have come together in a more precise meeting place. Coincidence? Or a VERY clever small dog?

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