Possibly the Biggest Dog Kennel in the World?


We are marketing a really lovely villa on the outskirts of Corfu Town – with a riverside setting (how rare is that in Corfu?) and potential to moor a boat and be at sea in just a few minutes. Whilst the house is stunning enough in its own right, the feature that really caused us all to stand with open mouths is the – dog kennel! Admittedly the dog himself is on the large side (a St. Bernard named Mahler) but the kennel has to be the dog equivalent of Buckingham Palace.

Check out the photo and you will see what I mean. It has its own wood burning stove, cool tiles or a sofa to choose from for when it is too hot to be outside in the sunshine, and a view in three directions to the river, the garden and the swimming pool. Who says Greeks aren’t animal lovers?

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