Pub Grub With A Difference

One of the first things I like to do when I visit England is go and have a good Indian meal – I’ve never really enjoyed any I’ve eaten here.

Last evening I was invited out to dinner by a friend, and we arrived at Shakes Bar in Dassia. I was expecting to eat a typical British pub meal, and having eaten there before I knew that the food is always good quality and freshly prepared. This year, however, Sarah (the chef, not me) is also cooking Indian food, and there is a nice selection of favourite Indian meals on her menu.

Deciding to give it a go, my friend and I chose two different chicken dishes, with some pilau rice and a paratha (sort of thin unleavened bread). Everything was delicious, and the flavours and spices were rich and aromatic. It was definitely the best Indian meal I have eaten here in Corfu, and one to rival my favourite restaurant in England.

So much for my diet, I will be going back next week to start working my way through the menu!

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