St Spiridon's Day

December 12 can be an expensive day if you have lots of friends or family called Spiros or Spiridoula.

St Spiridon is our island’s patron saint, and apart from the celebrations in the church which houses his bones, there will be smaller celebrations going on in very many homes on the island. A day off for all, it marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities for many of us, and I usually put up my Christmas decorations on this day.

Spiros’ and Spiridoulas all over the island will be “at home” ready to recieve any friends or family who would like to pop by to wish them “Xronia Polla” and share a drink and a bite to eat. I have three friends with this name, who I visit in turn during the evening, ending up with the one closest to home.

My car, as you see, is loaded up with their gifts!

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