Sunday Lunch In Old Perithia

After last Sunday’s torrential rain and thunderstorms, this Sunday was a complete change. Clear blue skies and a light breeze, we decided it was the perfect day to take our visitors for their first trip to Old Perithia.

We drove the long way round (!) through Spartilas and across through Episkepsis on one of my favourite mountain roads, in order to enjoy the wonderful views across to the Diapontian Islands, and then down into Acharavi and along the coast. Heading up to Perithia the air became cooler and we didn’t see another car all the way up. Once there, it was obvious that plenty of other people had the same idea as us, but we found a nice table at Ognistra, our favourite taverna, and then ordered a lovely selection of perfectly cooked local dishes.

Sitting at the table, we chuckled at the number of cars which drove past all the parked vehicles and tried to find a closer parking spot. Like Susan’s photo of the car on the beach, they all wanted to get as close as possible in order to avoid walking a few more steps.

After lunch, we walked around the village, admiring the ancient buildings and imagining how the old inhabitants must have lived. Our visitors from home commented on how in the UK the houses would have been boarded up and have secure fences around them to prevent accidents. Our walk wouldn’t have been anywhere near as interesting and fun!

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