Telegraph Travel Awards

Nice to see that in the annual Telegraph Travel Awards, Greece is voted the second favourite European destination. Seeing this makes me feel that here in Greece do not ‘blow our own trumpet’ enough. The second best tour operator was Kuoni, of which CV Travel is now a part, so more kudos to Corfu.

Perhaps this last year we will be best known for Mr. Mandelson and George Osborne’s ‘Corfugate’, but bearing in mind the adage that ‘all publicity is good publicity’ perhaps we will see a great increase in our upmarket visitors in 2009.

As an island where the main source of income for most of the population derives from tourism, the debate at present is very much based on looking ahead to 2009 with a certain amount of trepidation. One school of thought is that almost no one will go on holiday (What? Will they all stay and suffer in the U.K. in the rain?) or they will go to Turkey or Bulgaria because they are cheaper. As for Turkey, some friends on a trip from Corfu to Istanbul, returned saying that it was far more expensive than they had anticipated, and as for Bulgaria – well, just the sight of tourists lying on the beach like sardines waiting to be tinned, makes me think that they are almost certainly not the kind of tourists we would have had anyway!

Our own feelings are that perhaps people will be more careful with their holiday budgets, but there is no doubt that Greece, and Corfu in particular, offers excellent value for money both in terms of both accommodation and entertainment and eating out – well eating out IS entertainment isn’t it. Adding that to the relatively short flight from the U.K. and hopefully Corfu will still remain one of the popular destinations for Brits for their holidays.

And of course, as estate agents, we cannot help being optimistic that many of them will earmark Corfu as one of the places they would like to live, if and when they decide to escape the gloom and doom of the U.K. Of course, we also have a certain amount of gloom and doom, but then the sun comes out and you walk the dog on an empty sandy beach in December and everything looks better!

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