The Invasion

Yes, it’s that time of year again when Corfu is invaded by Italians. From now until about 20 August the island will be bursting at the seams as yet more ferries arrive with car-loads of Italians.

The Corfiots are fond of Italians and seem to get along with their fiery temperaments in some ways better than our cooler British personalities. It seems that every Corfiot has a smattering of Italian, presumably picked up each year during this busy period. Many years ago, when I had a tourist shop in Barbati, I very quickly learned some useful phrases such as “No sconto” and to count enough to ask for the correct money!

I love (and hate) watching the glamourous Italian ladies on the beach. They all seem to be beautiful and they don’t just have a matching bikini and sarong like me, but their colour co-ordination goes on to flip-flops, hair band, jewellery, beach bag, beach towel, Evian spray, and cool bag to keep said spray cool. It must be such hard work for them!

I saw the funniest thing last year on the road. Driving along a straight stretch, there was a queue of traffic which was going very slowly. In the front were two girls on a moped (obviously Italian). The one on the back was wearing a miniscule bikini with a g-string back and a kind of see-through lacy thing on the top. Her bottom was completely visible on the back of the bike, and none of the motorists wanted to overtake.

This is the time of the summer where you need to allow twice as long to reach your destination, and don’t expect to be able to park when you get there!

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