This is a first!

Usually, when we go to see and old village house for sale we have to pick our way through old cookers, fridges and furniture that ‘might come in useful’ or mounds of potatos and onions, so this trip was a complete surprise.

An English owner came in to the office and discussed selling her house in Xlomos – an old village house needing almost complete renovation.

There were three surprises awaiting me when we arrived.

Firstly it was in fairly reasonable condition by ‘renovation’ standards.

Secondly it has three floors – not terribly common in Corfu – and opening the possibilitiy of a roof terrace.

And thirdly, it was virtually empty!

When I commented on this, the owner said that it had been used for storage by several of her neighbours and up until last week had been full of various bits and pieces, but when she told them she was selling the house she also told them that if they did not remove their valuables she would do it, as she wanted the house clean and empty.

By the time we went to take photos it was empty of all valuable bits of wood, old sinks etc. As I say, that really is a first!

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