Too Many Adventures Recently

Obviously I have been living in the safe environment of Corfu for too long and I fell victim to a bag snatcher on a recent visit to Athens. Actually it was only my wallet out of my bag, but it means that I am now running around trying to gather paperwork and pay vast sums of money to get a new identity card and driving licence.

I’m also wearing a giant structure around my neck supposedly to improve back pain, but its main purpose seems to be to attract huge attention in the street. It is almost like being young again (so many staring people!) I am thinking of setting up a company to market neck collars as an advertising tool. It would have to be something unassociated with possible injury to neck, therefore ruling out Bridgestone (car accident?), Nike (fell over), Nivea (violent reaction to face cream?). Something like – I know! – “InterAmerican, for life’s difficult moments”.

To cap it all I have a brick replica orthopoedic pillow. Supposed to ease back and neck pain. It doesn’t, or if it does so far I have only noticed that it makes every other part of my body suffer, through lack of sleep if nothing else.

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