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There’s a lot on the radio, and local television stations and in the press at the moment about the future of tourism in Corfu. Some of us went to a talk in Corfu town given by Dr. Heather Skinner, head of the School of Marketing at Glamorgan University. 
Dr. Skinner has been given a research grant to assist and advise on the re-branding of Corfu. She hopes to find ways to encourage more tourists (particularly from the middle market) to visit Corfu this summer. So I was interested to be sent an email from Aegean airlines which goes right to the heart of the matter – getting people here in the first place! 
We all know that there are many Russian tourists wanting to visit Greece, and Aegean seem to be recognizing this fact with their new programme of flights to various Greek destinations, including Corfu. 
If there are plenty of affordable flights from many and varied parts of the world tourists will at least be able to get here. After that, it is up to us in Corfu to make sure that they have a good time, that the roads have as few potholes as possible, that the rubbish is collected regularly, that prices remain stable, and lots lots more. I hope after tonight’s meeting there will be a huge long list of suggested improvements that we can all take part in implementing.

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