What's in a name?

We give up! Having decided that because we had changed the type of goods we stock in our shop we should change the name to reflect this, English Imports became Corfu Homestore.

Nearly a year later, we still forget to answer the phone with the right name, and more importantly, most of our clients still call us ‘English Imports’ or even just ‘the English ladies’. New clients asking for directions to Corfu Homestore get blank looks, but if they ask for ‘the English shop’ they immediately get pointed in the right direction. So, what is the point in going against the flow? It’s ‘English Imports’ – again!

We still bring a selection of lovely linens and household accessories (not a huge stock, but much nicer, we think, than what is offered in most of the other local suppliers) plus small items of furniture, as well as the ‘nitty gritty’ of greetings cards, newspapers and magazines, essentials like teabags and marmite (plus Easter Eggs, as the season approaches). And of course, we still act as the local ‘information centre’ helping as far as we can with questions from customers who find themselves a loss for one reason or another as they work their way through the various Greek bureaucracies. Welcome back English Imports!

We have had a few enquiries about buying our business, but nothing definite yet. Anyone out there want to have as much fun as we do? Price is negotiable – trouble is, the more we think about it, the more we want to keep going!

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