Whose Stupid Idea Was This?

If I’d known before about the weekend Diana had just gone through, I would never have suggested it.

We were asked to view some land at Glyfada and duly set off in Susan’s car to meet Diana and for the owner to show us the land with a view to selling it. All very excited, because it sounded fantastic, we arrived at the rendevous near Glyfada and Diana joined the three of us in Susan’s Panda. We headed off towards Glyfada beach and a couple of bends before the beach the owner pointed out a dirt track leading off into the olive trees. “It’s just up there,” she told us, “about four hundred metres.” The track was a bit overgrown but would have been passable in Susan’s wonderful Panda if it hadn’t been for a big ditch in the road which hadn’t been filled in and was in the way.

So we approached the land from the other side, along a very long and narrow track and eventually arrived at a nice quiet plot, explored as far as we could and took a few photos.
At this point I made the mistake of suggesting that Diana (in trainers) and myself (in pumps) should walk back down the track and be met at the bottom by Susan and the owner. It seemed an excellent idea, so that we could honestly tell our clients how close the land is to the main road and how easy it is to get to.

You would imagine that four hundred metres down a hill would take about ten minutes – wrong! Half an hour later we arrived shakily at the bottom, with legs trembling and gasping for breath. The track got steeper and steeper as we descended, and we had to kind of traverse from side to side to avoid slipping on the gravelly surface. I think we needed hiking boots and sticks today, rather than lightweight trainers and summer shoes.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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