World War Three Averted

My kids are both coming home for a short time this Christmas holidays and, naturally expecting all the comforts of London, they want Sky TV, not just in the house, but in their rooms! In the past I have spent hours connecting Sky boxes and cables, only usually to find that something has happened and at least one box doesn’t want to work.

No more. Having had new roof, bathrooms etc. I decided no more wires and arranged to have at least three rooms permanently wired for Sky. And, unlike most plans made during our building project, this one worked. Friendly satellite engineer arrived, climbed up into the loft and 30 minutes later, not only all three rooms wired to satellite with no wires across the floor, but all boxes tuned in to extra channels I didn’t even know you could receive.

We were talking about the ‘early days’ around 15 years ago when you could originally only receive BBC Prime and how every time you found it on one satellite it moved, and you had to have the dish moved to find it again. These days I believe it has gone for good (think I have heard people saying that they can no longer recieve it) and the engineer said that he could easily re-align an existing dish and connect to a freeview box with card for 250 euros.

This would give Channel 4, Channel 5, some kids programmes, some news channels – and loads more which I can’t remember. More channels seem to be available all the time, so if you are missing your fix of UK TV, just give us a call at 26610 47692 or email us at [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the engineer.

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