Monthly Archive: March 2013

Corfu Gets A Real Greek Breakfast 0

Corfu Gets A Real Greek Breakfast

How nice to see something positive, especially in terms of food. For so long the Greek hotel breakfast was dry toast, plastic cheese and ham, and a slice of cake. Anyone who has stayed...

Rats on Benefits 0

Rats on Benefits

Having discovered lots of hollowed out oranges under our tree, we managed to trace the likely culprits – with the help of that very useful Facebook page “The Corfu Grapevine”, and my other favourite...

Tourism, Corfu, 2013 season 0

Tourism, Corfu, 2013 season

There’s a lot on the radio, and local television stations and in the press at the moment about the future of tourism in Corfu. Some of us went to a talk in Corfu town...

We are not alone 0

We are not alone

  ‘Pothole Problem’ is one of today’s headlines on Sky News. Isn’t it cheering to see that we are not the only ones suffering this blight of potenetial car and tyre wreckers! Diana


Spring is sprung

After all that rain how about reminding ourselves that this is Corfu in the spring. Photo taken this morning at Alonaki Beach House on the west coast.Diana