Monthly Archive: May 2016

Doesn’t this just give you the horrors 0

Doesn’t this just give you the horrors

Moving on with more articles in the British press about how busy Spain is this year, this one is accompanied by a photo which must be enough to give any traveller to Greece the...


Corfu Villages

One of the prettiest, I believe, is Giannades on the north west side of the island. It has its own beach – quite a walk, and for the nimble only, but well worth the...


Out and about in Corfu today

Sunshine at last, and a walk in a part of Corfu that looks more English than England. Just the car registration numbers give the location away.Susan


Unusual Villas

We get so used to seeing an almost standard design of villas, but this article reminds us how it is possible to construct something so different and yet, in its own way, making the...


Corfu Products

Corfu really is becoming a centre for the establishment of local crafts and products. As well as Corfu Beer, which is becoming well known among artisan beers, there is olive oil from Corfu in...


Office Meeting in the Sun

By the time we had spread our smart phones, ipads and various files and papers over the table there was barely room for the cappuccinos and cakes, but we managed! A trip to the...

So we think we have problems 0

So we think we have problems

I keep reading everywhere that Spain is experiencing a bumper year but I didn’t realise the extent of the problems this can cause. A member of the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce has been speaking...

Good news for Greece generally 0

Good news for Greece generally

For the past few years it has seemed that any Greek news is not brilliant news, but this  newspaper article analyses the growth in air links both European and trans-continental, and the picture is...


Wild Flowers

A short walk in the rain and I picked this bunch of wild flowers. There are lots of Love-in-a-mist, Cow Parsley, some Rose Garlic and something I can’t identify like a Cornflower, but in...


The "Sven" effect

Watchers of The Durrells on ITV will recognize the photo as the home of Mrs. Durrell’s romantic interest, the Scandinavian Sven. I wonder how many will know that this lovely old olive press has...