Corfu versus the Rest of Greece

Listening to the news and weather reports these days the constant repetition of “The whole of Greece is suffering from snow or otherwise extreme weather conditions” is beginning to be slightly annoying as we look out on day after day of brilliant sunshine and enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets. The only thing “wrong” with our January weather in Corfu is that it schizophrenically changes from really quite cold (6C) to really quite warm (15C today as I was driving home at lunchtime) from day to day without warning.

I keep wondering why no-one from the local radio stations here in Corfu makes some sort of correction – it’s amazing looking at the pictures of snow right up to the sea in Crete, and hearing stories of snowbound traffic in the northern Athens suburbs, but it would be only fair for someone to point out that Corfu – and presumably the other Ionian islands – are basking in sunlit brilliance.

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