Doggy Tales

On Friday a couple of small dogs ran out in front of the car as I was driving into work with the result that I hit one of them. I HATE injured animals (even on TV) and had to force myself to stop the car and go and look. He was writhing in the middle of the road – busy straight stretch near Emeral – and the other one was running in circles around him.

Luckily someone else going in the other direction stopped as well (though most didn’t) and with two cars on the side of the road stopping the speed of the other vehicles we (well me, really) managed to undertake rescue operation in the middle of the traffic. I ended up with scooped-up dog in car and took him to the vet in Corfu town.

Miraculously, maybe because he is only a puppy, he escaped serious injury, and his inability to walk appeared only to be as a result of shock. Despite the fact that he took off my number plate, he only had a bloody nose and gums. Still cost 25 euros for antibiotic, but could have been much worse.

Result, however, is that we now have a second dog – a smaller, look-alike version of our existing one.

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