Greek cooking in East Sussex

Visiting loved-one in East Sussex, we decided (bravely) to have a Greek themed evening for our friends. This was a bit of a last minute idea, and not being the accomplished cook that Susan is, it threw me into a total panic!

Lidl to the rescue! The local store here was running a promotion of Greek food under the brand name of “Eridanous”, so we managed to get together a good selection of mezes, including meatballs in tomato sauce, gigantes, and green beans. Together with some home made tzatziki, a nice salad with real feta and roast chicken and potatoes village-style with lots of garlic and lemon, we had our Greek meal – the house certainly smelt Greek anyway! (The only missing ingredient was some Greek wine which our local supermarket failed to stock.)

Our guests enjoyed it so much that they now want to come to Corfu on holiday this year, so I have done my bit for tourism too.

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