How to Prepare Your House For Sale – Or Not!

The concept of creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective house buyers does not seem to have arrived in Corfu. Forget “coffee on the hob and bread in the oven” – here we are more than likely to have to plough our way through heaps of discarded clothes, unwanted books and papers and brush away the spider’s webs as we go. And that is when you actually manage to get inside a house.

Greeks are notorious for overflowing into their outside space, so that when a house is spotlessly tidy, the balcony or garden will often be a junk shop of items that don’t fit inside but can’t possibly be thrown away. Just look at an average block of town flats. Most balconies will hold an assortment of brushes, mops, boxes, and mounds of unidentifiable possessions wrapped in plastic sheeting. In a village setting it can be even worse.

Sarah and I had a classic “non-welcome” last week. Arriving at the house clutching a selection of door keys, we were confronted by a heavily padlocked gate, and of course, no key! Intrepid as ever, though slightly regretting the fact that we were both in summer dresses rather than trousers or shorts, we clambered up on to the stone wall, climbed over the railings on the top and leapt over into the garden. I’m now regretting that I didn’t take a photo of Sarah in mid-climb! (But she’s probably not).

And now for the other end of the scale – same day, different house and very different reception. Admittedly this visit was to a top-of-the-range villa next to the sea, but even so we were wildly impressed by the efforts of the son of the family to tidy his room before our arrival. Look out for the inclusion of Villa Oceanus on both our websites – Corfuhomefinders and Corfu Premier Property. (Photo by kind permission of Will Barratt.)

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