I'm Back!

I’ve just returned from my summer holiday – home to England, where else? Fed up with the heat, the invasion of Italians, and encouraged by the fact that high season in Corfu is generally low season in our line of business, I took a fortnight off to “go home”.

This is the first time I have been back to England in the summer for more than five years, generally choosing to go in the autumn or the spring, but the opportunity came up and I thought ”’Why not?” I had been told by everyone that this wasn’t the best summer on record in the UK, but I still naively turned up without a winter coat and boots. I was FROZEN!!

Feeling like an OAP because I am scared to cross the road and get confused about the coins in my purse, I had a lovely break, spending time in the West Country (my roots) and having a lovely break in East Sussex, the (present) home of loved-one. We did all my favourite things – shopping, shopping, eating, shopping, with lovely interludes of green leafy trees and luscious lawns.

Despite all this luxury and indulgence, I was so glad to come back to my real home, Corfu. That wonderful smell at the airport, and the drive home hearing cars hooting to each other to say hello, it hasn’t taken me long to settle back in to my usual life.

It is a bit hot here though, isn’t it?

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