It's all in the detail

We see lots of pretty amazing top-end villas in our weekly outings in Corfu, so it is particularly good to be able to report that several developers are taking Corfu out of the run-of-the-mill and into the something special realms of Mediterranean property. There is a blueprint for a villa which is all too often copied religiously in Corfu. It includes lots of differently shaped roof bits, balconies, extended (unnecessary) bits, decorative plasterwork, etc. etc., and has the result of making us – all too often – wish for something different.

This last fortnight we have seen one very different villa indeed and another where the developer has really put all his energies into the not at first noticeable extras that make his property stand out from the crowd. I’m talking about the sort of things that make you say “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?”, or “What a good idea!”

First the really different one – Villa Gaia has been built for the international jet set market and is available for rent for in the region of 1,000 euros per day in high season. This price includes staff (of course) and the property sleeps ten easily, plus six extra (children perhaps?). Every room has climate control and a flat screen television (there is even a one in the door of the refrigerator), plus twin basins in the en-suite bathrooms and jacuzzi baths or high-tech. showers. Add this to the basic joys of Corfu – wonderful views and beaches and marina within easy driving – and you have the perfect ingredients for a wonderful holiday. Gaia is also available for sale, with its adjacent staff accommodation. Wow!

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