It must be spring, we are all covered in red dust!

Now we truly know that spring is with us. Temperatures all this week have risen to 20 and over, so you have no idea what to wear in the morning when it is still chilly BUT every now and again, just to keep us on our toes, down comes the rain – and it leaves all that lovely red dust behind.

There are other clues of course, such as the wonderful flower scenes around every corner – this one was taken just behind my house. Every ordinary olive grove develops a postcard appearance as the flowers appear at the most amazing rate. I swear that if you pass somewhere in the morning, when you go past again in the afternoon there are more flowers!

Also, it is getting much easier to find somewhere to have a cup of coffee and a cake (and a loo!) whilst traversing the island showing properties (and yes, quite a few people arrived on the first Easyjet flight, seriously looking for property). The businesses in resorts which were securely shuttered during the winter, and tended to give Corfu the appearance of Caribbean island after a hurricane, are suddenly opening up. Colourful canopies are coming out, the furniture is getting a coat of paint and everything looks much more optimistic. This does not stop most shopkeepers being glum regarding the prospects for this coming tourist season, but their enthuiastic preparations contradict their outlook – somehow it always seems to come out OK in the end.

Anyway as many people are saying, Greece is not really in a recession now, the economy has been dire for years, so this doesn’t really make any difference and we should all just carry on as normal. So we will!

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