Just Another Day Of Land – And More Land

Sarah thinks it is the silly season and I must say I agree. I had my day well planned; firstly collect a civil engineer to value a property in Perama for a mortgage. We had already made two attempts at this and failed because we could not get through the garden gate due to a broken lock. The owner kept on saying it was open, but it wasn’t. On my way in I stopped to check that the gate was indeed open as arranged – and it wasn’t. I stopped, just about to have a total breakdown, and the lady next door emerged to say that “People keep leaving the gate open,” and of course she closes it! I persuaded her to leave it open for half an hour, collected the civil engineer, went back, did the valuation, dropped him off back in Town and returned to Perama to meet a contact who was going to show me two pieces of land in Gastouri.

We actually began in Perama – a nice piece, probably good sea views but overgrown, with an old house in there somewhere. The next piece was up the hill towards Achilleon. Again probably a very nice piece, and large – 5,700 sq.m. on the side of the mountain. I am told there are some flat terraces for building and no doubt there are stunning views but again it was a total jungle (and there was a large Rottweiler barking furiously by the only entrance, so we gave it a miss). I will take their word for it.

On into Gastouri. On the edge of the village, 2,000 sq.m. on the road, and we just scrambled up to the top to see the view of the village. On to another one of 3,000 sq.m. with views down to Corfu Town – again, scramble to the top to see the view. Finally (remember we came out to see two piecesof land!) on a road I had never seen before in my life, a piece of 8,000 sq.m. with 80 olive trees and no visible signs of an electricity pole – still for only 80,000 euros with nice views, can’t be bad.

Duty done, photos taken, I was on my way home shattered when Lorraine, our office lady, called to say she had a call from a local restaurant owner to say he had ‘my’ Italians who wanted to see me. I wasn’t expecting any Italians and called to tell him but he insisted they were mine so I detoured to the Boukari Beach restaurant (best squid on the planet). And of course, they were ‘my Italians’. I had been in a sort of email correspondence for several weeks regarding the Boukari Bay ‘skeletons’ (see photo).

They didn’t tell me they were coming, but we went up to have a look. I speak no Italian and they spoke no English. On the way he kept shaking his head. We looked at them and he still shook his head. On the way back down he pointed at another skeleton and pointed at his printout of my skeletons. He thought this was the one he should have been looking at. Only problem is, this was 20,000,000 sq.m. of land, three skeletons and a price tag of 2,000,000 euros! Total confusion, so we went back to the restaurant where one of the owners interpreted and explained the misunderstanding. The end result, after explaining that there is no way to find a livable house, ON the sea in Boukari for 100,000 euros, is that he wants to buy one of the skeletons. I think.

Now I have to get him, the paperwork and an Italian speaker all together to make sure we are not speaking at cross-purposes. A nice, quiet, unstressful day – again.

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