Never say Corfu 'is a small Island' (or, what can go wrong, will!)

Generally speaking we have the island sort of divided up between us, Sarah and Susan cover the north, I do the south and we share the middle bits, so nowhere ever seems to be all that far away.

This week Sarah has been away, so Susan and I showed properties over the whole island, together. We had the programme minutely worked out, as follows:

09.00 arrive in town, finalise property list, Susan dropped car in car wash to be close, mine was miles away.

09.30 walk up to hotel to meet clients, discuss property viewings, pop back down to car wash, collect Susan’s car, go and collect clients.

Only Susan’s car broke down in the carwash, so after we met the clients I walked the usual miles back to my (dirty) car, whilst Susan tried to contact the car recovery people. Went to collect the clients. Drove up to Sidari to look at the wonderful Villa Oceanos (pictured above), drove down to Agnos to look at land, drove into Kassiopi to look at two headland villas – road blocked by bus and bulldozer. Drove over to Coyevinas and Avlaki, near Kassiopi, looked at two very nice villas. Felt urgent need for food, drove back to Kassiopi, parked, walked through mud/cement in search of lunch and had very nice lunch at the Kassiopi Star restaurant near the harbour.

Tried to get to headland villas on foot, more road block, mud, large pipe pouring water just in front of the villas. Even though it was still sunny, wind blowing a very cold howling gale. Walked round the villas, looked at beach, walked back through mud and through the village to the now, very muddy, car. All this time Susan was trying to establish what had happened to her car.

Drove to Kentroma, looked at Horizon Villa which is nearly finished and extremely unusual and very attractive. Got back in the car and drove as quickly as possibly down to south west coast to look at Kanouli Villas and Villa Oleander. Just got there in time to see the sunset, so that was nice.

Drove back to town, dropped clients at their hotel, drove Susan out of town to meet husband at Lidl to be driven home. Passed her car at the Fiat garage on the way, but of course they were closed. Drove home down to the deep south in Moraitika. Collapsed.

Despite Susan’s Panda 4×4 breaking down, it turned out to be a just a ‘failsafe’ button, pressed in error by the carwash guys as they enthusiastically scrubbed the carpets. My Panda soldiered on all day, drove heaven knows how many kilometres and when I got home I had still only used a quarter tank of petrol. Not bad eh?

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