Silly Season

I think it really was one of those days that we should have just gone to the beach with everyone else.
Susan and I had plans for a relatively quiet morning in the town office, answering emails, making a few phone calls, maybe having a quick look around the sales (only joking!) This was all changed late last evening when Susan recieved a phone call from an old acquaintance in the travel industry with Russian clients wanting to see some of our top-end villas. It had to be this morning, he was only going to be here today, so despite the fact that all the properties were occupied and he would only be able to view from the outside, we quickly rearranged our plans and meeting place and set off for Kassiopi.
At this time of year it takes about twenty minutes to drive along Ipsos beach, it’s often quicker to go all the way round the back through Agios Markos and Ano Korakiana, but we forgot that and drove through the hoardes of tourists on motorbikes. A group of people were having some kind of foam party in the sea.
On up the coast past the Agni turn towards Kendroma we spotted and laughed at these men hard at work on the new development of Horizon Villas. Lots of the passing traffic was hooting and waving at them, they looked so funny and cheerful.
Eventually arriving (just in time) in Kassiopi harbour, we collapsed into a bar for a drink and called our friend to tell him where we were. “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he told us. Time ticked on, and an hour and a half later he arrrived with his Russian clients. We all marched up the driveway to the first villa, none of us knowing who was actually leading or showing what to whom, and within two minutes we were heading back again as the Russian had realised that he couldn’t get inside the villas as there were guests in residence, and anyway he didn’t want, or need, to see any more.
There must be a moral to this tale, I only hope that Diana and Helga had a better morning than we did.

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