Some Things Never Change

When I first came to live in Corfu, many of the villagers did their shoping from the little lorries that drove around the island with all their wares hanging off the side of the lorry. This has faded away to a certain extent but last week I was out with some clients, doing the round of a selection of properties.

On our way to the first piece of land in Boukari we saw a lorry laden with bedspreads hanging everywhere – on the back, on the tailboard, on the sides, on the bonnet – as it made its way down the tiny beach road which winds down the south coast from Messonghi, through Boukari, and on down to the fishing village of Petriti. Through the loudspeaker he announced that all his stock was 15 euros.

We looked at the land, went to the next piece of land, then a potentially lovely development just crying out to be completed, and then started up the hill inland. Half way up the steep hill we saw him again approaching the village of Kouspades. We went off to look at another village house, then started back down towards the coast and there he was again!

We veered off to a tiny beach called Kaliviotis (I had heard of it but despite having lived here for more than 25 years I had never actually been) and the phrase “off the beaten track” certainly applies. We looked at a house nearby, wandered down to the beach, chatted to some of the locals who have built their houses right by the beach, watched a couple of fishing boats come in, and then left to head back towards Corfu Town.

On one of the dirt track roads, what a surprise, there he was again – dust flying up from the wheels and all the bedspreads hung on the lorry, with the loudspeaker blaring – the best bedspreads on the planet, now only 11 euros each!

We stopped briefly in the village of Argyrades and then left for our final stretch back up the coast on the main road and yes, there he was again!

In all that time I never saw anyone stop him to buy anything but he never stopped trying. In fact when I left home the next morning I half expected to see him just down the road from my house, still proclaiming the ‘best bedspreads on the planet’! Nice to see some things don’t change.

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