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This month’s Country Life has a wonderful article on the holiday rental market, and in their opinion ‘outside of the Caribbean, the largest potential market is the Mediterranean, and top of the high-end rental wish list is the north-east coast of Corfu’. They do however, point out, as we always do to our clients looking for villa investments, that villas must be in an excellent location, with a pool and good outside space and views.

They also make the point that owners should not try to impose their personal taste on their rental clients, which always makes me laugh when I think how hard we try to get some of our selling owners just to clear the property a little bit, so we can take reasonable photographs. I do remember when I was a child, going on holiday to various holiday cottages in England where the furniture/equipment etc. always looked as if it was the stuff the owners had thrown out of their own house, and it was stopping in that particular cottage on its way to the rubbish tip. Not so now – Sky TV, DVD, Internet, Ipod dock and a plasma screen are becoming essentials in good villas.

Also of course, you have to get the knack of making the villa look ‘like new’ for each arrival – which is no easy task when you often only have two hours between one client’s departure and the next’s arrival. Plus, quite often we would be happy to have things in our own homes which might have seen slightly better days, but not in your villa – this must be why my own home always is at the bottom of the list when it comes to buying new furniture and it is me who gets the leftovers and the villas which get the best!

In the Country Life article, the point is also made of the correlation between holiday renters and buyers. And we all know that many of our buyers have been to Corfu many times and it is their affection for the island which makes them return to buy. How much better for them then, to not only have the option of a house on their favourite island but providing they buy wisely they can finance their own holidays by letting their villas to other holidaymakers (and, of course, we always hope that they in their turn might fall in love with Corfu, and return to buy!).

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