I have to admit it, I am a sucker for statistics. It’s me who is always looking at how many website viewings there have been, how many new visitors etc. and so of course I can’t resist looking at newspaper articles based on studies and statistics.

There was a nice one in the Telegraph yesterday, aimed at showing readers how much cheaper it is to go to the USA than holiday in Europe, with Florida villas renting at 600 pounds per week, as opposed to 1,400 pounds in Greece and 1,800 in Spain.

This is of course very interesting, provided you don’t make a mistake in your ‘on-line visa’ application and manage to get yourself banned from entering the USA for ever. (No joke this, a mistake on the part of a visa clerk in the Athens US Embassy means that my daughter is interrogated for three hours by Immigration every time she goes to the USA on a business trip!)

Anyway, the point of this comparison was that when I looked more closely I realised that of the traditional European holiday destinations – Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and Portugal – Greece emerges quite favourably. (Turkey wins the prize of course, not being tied to the euro, but even they cannot be considered ‘cheap’ any more.) All this whilst we are being told that visitor projections are ‘down by 60%’ etc. If this is the case where is everyone going? Only this summer will tell, so let’s keep our finders crossed.

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