The New Corfuhomefinders Website

A few months ago we decided that it was time for a change on the Corfuhomefinders website. We had just completed the Corfu Premier Property site (designed by Truetype Web Solutions) to showcase some of the ‘top end’ properties and, having had the Homefinders site going for over a year we thought we would do a ‘revamp’!

We actually thought it would take just a few days! We pondered for a bit about a new theme – something to get away from the usual pretty scenic photos, but something which would still portray the atmosphere of Corfu. We thought then of using pictures by Frankie Cranfield who is an artist, well known for her works of houses and scenes of Corfu – and with whom we also have personal contacts going back many years (she painted one of her first commercial originals for me, for my birthday, many years ago!)

Having begun with that basic thought, we then realised we would have to change our colours slightly to go with the shades in the paintings, then of course the paintings are a different shape to our original header photograph so the layout had to change.

In fact, in the end, pretty much everything had to change. I think we nearly drove Infonetweb, our web designer, to distraction, particularly as we obviously look at things from totally different points of view. We want it to look great, work fast and provide all the information our clients want – website designers are full of all sorts of technical reasons why ‘you can’t do it this way’ or ‘it wont look right’. So in the end we came to a compromise – we got mainly the result we wanted and he grudgingly admitted that it is ‘not bad and better than the old one’ so I suppose we can’t say fairer than that!

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