The Perils Of Having A Very Noticeable Car!

Twelve months ago, obviously in the grip of something approaching second childhood, I was seized with an urge to buy a car which, according to its publicity blurb is “aimed at the youth market”. Diana and I had both been driving around in rather elderly and increasingly scruffy vehicles which were fine for taking dogs for walks to muddy fields, but not so good for showing top-of-the-range villas to Mr. and Mrs. Knightsbridge from London.

A huge amount of research went into the final decision to buy what we both now consider to be the absolutely ideal car for Corfu – Fiat’s 4×4 Panda. It is expensive for a small car, but that very smallness makes it possible to venture into narrow village streets, turn round on a euro, and sail along bumpy tracks without scratching the sides on overhanging brambles. Sarah says it is like riding in a rubber car! (Technical details can be found in the review entitled “Car for Corfu” in the Sept/Oct 2007 issue of Island Magazine.)

Diana and I were together in Corfu Town when we first saw the orange test drive turbo diesel cross version of the Panda and said in unison “That’s what we want!” It even fulfills our desire to be “green” in that the 4×4 only engages when the clever car decides it is necessary.

At this stage Diana’s old car gave up the ghost and she couldn’t wait the necessary two months for the turbo cross version, and settled for an extremely smart black Panda. Still 4×4, still diesel, but not quite so “startling” to look at as the orange version.

I decided to wait, and my orange “lady toy” has been my pride and joy for a full year. It is an extremely good advertisement for Corfuhomefinders as it does get noticed! The drawback of course is that I get noticed too, and people are forever coming up to me and saying, “Saw you in Kassiopi last week”, “You were late back from town yesterday”, etc. etc. Not only can I now never squeeze through a traffic light at amber, overtake on a slightly dodgy double white line, or shake my fist at anybody (not that I would EVER do any of the above!), I also find that people flash their lights, honk their horns and wave at me. So, please, if you see me bowling merrily along and I don’t wave back, it’s only because I can’t quite recognize you and yours in your ordinary everyday silver or black vehicles!

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