This is a photo of Kaiser’s Bridge, taken last Friday, when finally, after what seems like a very long winter, we had blue skies, and calm blue seas. However you know that it is still early spring, as if you look closely, you will see that a) it’s too early to clean up the beach, and b) snow still covers the mountains in the distance.

However there are other hints of springtime. The usual ones, such as wonderful flowers by the roadside and everyone suddenly sitting outside, actually looking for shade instead of searching frantically for every available bit of sun.

However, there are other signs. For example, all of a sudden, apart from the roundabout creation roadworks, we have just sprung three sets of traffic lights between Moraitika and Corfu Town (one at Kaiser’s Bridge, which is where I had time to take the photo whilst I was waiting). This does not bode well for summer traffic.

It stays light and bright so much longer and now, instead of having no guilt at all at closing the doors in the house and settling down with a cup of tea at 6ish – you feel as if you are doing something wrong and should still be out working.

Emails begin to arrive from prospective buyers actually being able to plan their visits instead of just sitting at their computers dreaming!

Some of our workers are celebrating the spring weather. The other day my husband called his main helper to confirm a day of ‘concreting’ on the first decent day in ages. Sorry, not possible, he was told – our ‘worker’ was taking advantage of the weather and had gone fishing! Other workers – who have been desperate for work during the winter months – have suddenly become ‘unavailable’ having been ‘called up’ by their summer employers in the usual rush to prepare for the summer.

Never mind, we love the spring time We always feel we should rush out and take new photos of absolutely every bit of property (difficult with 513 properties and rising!) as everything looks so ‘picture postcard’ at this time of year. It is the nicest time of year to show properties – not too hot and sweaty as we toil up mountainsides to show land and views, and too early in the season to be intruding on villa guests as we try to show houses with holiday guests in occupation.

Overall a lovely time of year. And having said that it will probably start raining again!

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