Where to go on holiday when you live in Corfu?

It is not that easy to decide where to spend holidays when you live on an island with tempting beaches around every corner. From the moment that I first moved to Greece (I was in Athens for three years) I have felt as if I was on holiday at the end of every single working day. Being childless in those days, we used to pop to the nearest taverna and sit outside in the balmy evening warmth and I was instantly transported from “real life” to holidays.

For many years after we moved to Corfu we didn’t actually have the traditional one or two-week break – mostly because I worked in the summer and husband in the winter, so there was no time, apart from Christmas, when we actually had the possibility to take time off together. We certainly didn’t suffer in any way – every weekend, and quite often during the week as well, we would pack the kids into the car and go for a quick swim at one of the nearest beaches. Lovely Corfu provides sand when you need to build castles and dams, rocky pools for shell-seeking and octopus catching, and a myriad of swimming pools when nothing else will do but jumping into deep water again and again and again. The age of the child determined the choice of beach, and we didn’t find it a chore to go where they wanted, especially since there were so many different ones to choose from.

We at Corfuhomefinders all have our own favourite sort of holiday. Diana prefers winter sun and usually jets off to somewhere glamorous sounding at the end of a long aeroplane journey. Family in Britain usually calls Sarah and me to visit old haunts back in the UK. My absolute holiday of choice would be a city break – for me that is what we don’t have in Corfu – and we have a list of destinations ready to visit when time and money allow. Helga actually likes staying put – and who can blame her?

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